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Artistic Software for Dummies and, by the way, Thoughts About the New World Order

Olga Goriunova, Alexei Shulgin

What is artistic software?
Artistic software is, first and foremost, software created for purposes different than traditional pragmatic ones. Such programs are not seen as tools for the production and manipulation of digital objects - from online bank accounts to works of art - they are works of art in their own right. More...


Concepts, Notations, Software, Art

Florian Cramer

To date, critics and scholars in the arts and humanities have considered computers primarily as storage and display media, as something which transmits and reformats images, sound and typography. Reflection of the as such invisible layer of software is rare. Likewise, the term"digital art'' has been associated primarily with digital images, music or audiovisual installations using digital technology. The software which controls the audio and the visuals is frequently neglected, working as a black box behind the scenes. More...


Behind the Blip: Software as Culture
(some routes into 'software criticism', more ways out.)

Matthew Fuller

There are two questions which I would like to begin with.
Firstly, to ask, what kind of critical and inventive thinking is required to take the various movements in software forward into those relatively straightforward areas which are necessary if software oligopolies are to be undermined, to develop the capacity for unleashing the unexpected upon software and the certainties which form it.
Secondly, what are the currents of software which are emerging which demand and incorporate new ways of thinking about software? More...