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The tradition of audience choice prizes has its roots in the analog past. In digital space, voting takes on different attributes. In particular, authors can vote for their own works, demonstrating their desire for fame in its pure form. They can vote many times, have their friends vote for them and even write special scripts to vote for them endlessly. Thus, digital voting requires a serious technical base as well as the hiring of specialists to provide security and objectivity to the voting process. If such conditions are missing and authors are ambitious, a digital explosion can be expected. That is exactly what happened in late January when the festival server went down as a result of endless requests. The "read_me_No1 Voter" project, whose only function is voting for itself on the read_me 1.2 site, reveals the mechanism of on-line voting and demonstrates the inherent problems in an elegant way. The project ironically inverts the festival voting system. As it seems impossible to determine actual audience opinions, the festival organizers have decided to award the Audience Choice prize to read_me_No1 Voter.

Rating of works according to the results of voting:

sibling revelry: a net sampling sound toy - 3000000

SKINCARE http://skincare.restate.org - 2719105

read_me_No1 VOTER - 650791

I.V.K. - 4007

erational - 3666

Carnivore - 3044

.scr - 2171

uberCORE_ENGINE;your daily e-nfo_breakfast!; - 545

DeskSwap - 510

Textension - 407

slampoetrypictures - 317

idm-tool - 139

virus 1.0 - 134

Lauki - 127


Pixel Susi Computer Oracle - 95

micWorld - 88

Months - 87


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