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Lauki is an instrument whose visual qualities define the musical outcome. It consists of a grid of many hundred identical small boxes which trigger a looping sound when clicked on. The visual design is minimalistic and the hidden control can be made apparent with right clicking on the mouse.
The pitch of the sound depends on the box location on the screen. They can be dragged (individually or in groups) around the screen, resulting in small tonal differences. The user can create custom grids that can be easily saved and loaded up again later. Different sounds can be applied to the boxes from a floating control panel which is used to control which part of the sound is going to loop as well as the frequency (timing) of it. The number of sounds is limited to 8 and they cycle until the user deselects the box.
The sampling option records what is being played (or anything being played on the computer) making it possible to merge the chosen loops into one channel and also to record over the sound being played, which creates a special feedback effect. The sound becomes reusable over and over again resulting in a method of metastructuring.

The user can import his or her own sounds into Lauki use it to create soundtracks.
In the future the user will be able to change the sound properties of each box after having activated it.

Автор: ixiproject |  http://www.ixiproject.f2s.com