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Expeditions into the emotional space

The Streets as Databank

One morning I woke up feeling that something vital was missing in my life.Searching in virtual space for information was a fast and familiar approach for me, but in real space I did not know where to begin. I decided to transfer my expectations and experiences of virtual space serach mechanisms onto the streets of the city I live in.
As a first step I made my disorientation public. I constructed a web site, posing the question "What shall I search for ?".Users of my website responded with many notions to search for.
Instead of using a searchengine on the web, I wrote the given notions on a cardboard.
During a period of three month I hitchhiked through Berlin, using notions such as "happiness", "meaning" and "belief" as the places for my emotional destination.
Holding the searchquery sign in my hand I waited at streetcorners throughout the city; when somebody picked me up they too became searchers for the notions themselves and I could participate in their way of attaining the destination.
In a direct way, trying to be as neutral as possible I witnessed their spatial and intellectual movements.
The ways and conversations that took place can be seen on the ExpeditionBerlin website.

Автор: tourist research  |  http://www.tourist-research.de/ExpeditionBerlin