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Possessed is a web based project exploring our relationship with unexplained digital phenomenon. Over the first few weeks your spook will gradually grow and develop until it begins to ask questions. The way you respond to your spook's questions will effect the development of your spook, it may become more aggressive or even develop psychic skills. Some spooks even begin to play retro computer games constructed out of your system components or just play tricks on you. Some spooks may scan your hard drive developing in response to files found. Some spooks leave notes or letter to you in the possessed folder. Some spooks may be searching for a file and hint or ask you to help them find it. Occasionally, a code file may appear in the possessed folder, this may be the file your spook is searching for or it may be a file that someone's spook is searching for. If your spook asks you to find a file, it is possible that another spook player user may have this file in their possessed folder.

To make a spook all you have to do is make a spooky sound by adjusting the controls of the spook generator. Not all spooky sounds generate working spook code so you may have to play on the generator for some time. If you click 'Process Wave' the spook player will check the wave to see if it compiles working spook code. There are four main types of spooks (type A,
B. C & D) with 'A' being the rarest and 'D' the most common. You can only play your spook on the player that corresponds with the spook type eg. type 'A' spook will only play on player A, type 'B' spook on player B. When you have found a spook that you like the sound of click 'save spook' to save the spook file to your hard drive; at this time the generator will alert you
to the spook type. It is a good idea to include the spook type in the name you give the spook file so that you know which player to download.

The 'Spook Player' is the application used to play your spook. When you launch your spook player for the first time it will alert you to the fact that there is no active spook file in the possessed folder. It then presents you with the option to locate and open a spook file. If you have made a spook, navigate through the search window until you find your spook then click open. If your spook is annoying you then you can tell it to stop by going to 'Stop that' under the control menu. Occasionally, your spook may ask you to look for a file, when you want to check for this file select 'check for file' under the control menu. For all those users who want to exorcise their spook select 'delete spook'. All spook players keep a log
of spook events, by looking at the log you can see how your spook is developing. If you want to compare your spook with other possessed user's spooks or swap code you can always email your spook's log. Select 'save log' under the players file menu to save a text file of your log to your hard-drive.

Author: Vicky Isley & Paul Smith, Boredomresearch |  http://www.possessed.uk.co



- With the Juligraph, you can assemble your own graphics from the pictures I have drawn
of personal things: me, my friends, animals, my surroundings and the objects around me. You can
print the compiled, signed, titled picture. The Juligraph has a personal aspect not only because
it is about me and my way of life, but because I could choose the details important to me, and anything can become of it.
programming: Adrian Kupcsik

- Flash player, printer

Author: Julia Vescei |  http://www.c3.hu/~rub/juligraph/juligraph.html

Re (ad.htm

::the DNA of programmer fare is code:

::the software schemata of mobile/relay chat is
manufactured via abbreviation, punctuation, + character realignment:

nuances of web communication are framed, linked & nestled in
net][soft][w][are][ork strata.

Author: mez breeze |  http://www.hotkey.net.au/~netwurker/

minitasking- time based module

a visual gnutella client

attached in zip archive is more info

Author: schoenerwissen |  http://www.minitasking.com


hiperlook demo is in beta version (some bugs may be at present time), it is a web browser that reveals web sites inner structure, code, and elements composing the sites by deconstructing them. It's a different experience and approach to the web, an infinite glass, covering layers of code and basic elements, the net material.
A Final downloadable standalone version will be available soon.

hiperlook needs a Windows PC with speed abobe 600Mhz or Macintosh G3 and G4 with IE5.0 with Java enabled. To be able to browse the web from the applet you need to temporary unrestrict the network access for the java applets in your browser internet options.

Author: Hernando Barragan |  http://hipercubo.uniandes.edu.co/hiperlook

Surface Tension: Applied Memory Mutation Software

"Surface Tension:Applied Memory Mutation Software" is a free utility in the service of memory-shifting. It can be used with any Quicktime digital videos. It is designed to be used with "raw footage" (unedited archival documents, movie out-takes, surveillance tapes, porn, home movies, etc.). The concept behind the software has its primary lineage in 1970s film experimentation and 1990s tactical video practices.The software title derives from one of the works of the late Hollis Frampton - a film titled "Surface Tension". The algorithms used in the present software, translate and test some cinematic structures used in several of his films from the 1970s. An additional algorithm, "Strain Andromeda The" is based on a 1992 video of the same name by the video artist, Anne McGuire.

Author: Barbara Lattanzi |  http://www.wildernesspuppets.net

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